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Archive | April, 2010

Group Settlements

Another controversial issue concerns a law firm’s handling of an individual case among a large group of cases handled by the same law firm. Although aggregate litigation and settlements can be beneficial to all claimants, it is a matter of relative degree to which the aggregate settlements are utilized. For example, the Deaton Law Firm […]

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Advertising, Referring Firms and Bankruptcies

Another controversy surrounds referring law firms versus representing law firms. The internet, T.V., and publication advertising for mesothelioma cases is extremely competitive. It is safe to say that in the last three years, mesothelioma is probably the most advertised litigation in the country today, and remains one of the most expensive words on the internet […]

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Asbestos Companies Conspiracy

Some of the first recorded reports related to the hazards of asbestos go as far back as the late 1800s. One prominent example is the Lady Inspectors of England report to the English Parliament regarding “the evil affects of asbestos” in the surrounding textile mills. Many U.S. case reports emerged in the early 1900s regarding […]

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Asbestos Companies’ Protection Through Bankruptcy Trusts

Asbestos companies have become quite clever at avoiding responsibility and shielding themselves from liability through mergers, which, in effect, hide responsible entities. They also protect their assets from legal claims by setting up bankruptcy trusts. When those companies declare bankruptcy, they do not actually go out of business; they simply restructure their debt and liability […]

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