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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Joe and Yvette Lapointe – Massachusetts

I strongly advise anyone who is getting involved in an asbestos case to get in touch with a smaller firm. It is so much easier to talk to someone you can get with and discuss your problems on a daily basis. I have been involved with John Deaton these past couple of years and I have good faith in him. . . and from that time on he has been a peach. We get along well and I recommend him completely.

Bernie and Sylvia Roy – Florida

The attorneys handling our lawsuit really made it personal for us. They weren’t just lawyers and even now, to this day, are part of my life. It’s what they did for me and Bernie that I will never forget. I tell people these are not just mesothelioma lawyers, they are people that really care.

Jerry and Carlene Watson – Alabama

There are not enough words to express how much Jerry and I appreciate John Deaton, head of the Deaton Law Firm, and his associate, as well as John’s assistant, Elizabeth Fauxpoint, for their hard work and endless hours helping mesothelioma patients. My husband, Jerry, is just one of many being helped by the Deaton Law Firm. Thank you all and God bless.

Billie D. Murphy Family – Indiana

I would like to thank the Deaton Law Firm for all of their kindness and thoughtfulness helping me get prepared for court and staying by my side throughout the deposition. It was very emotional for myself and my family. You have supported us and went that extra mile to find other products in our home related to asbestos. All the people in your law firm were very caring and seemed as if they were fighting for one of their own family members. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with and know the Deaton Law Firm. We have enjoyed and thank John for all that he has done for us. Also, we have mentioned your law firm to people. We will never forget all of yours.

Eugene and Diane Daigle – Virginia

I have put my life in the Deaton Law Firm for John to help me with my situation in taking care of my law problem. If there is anyone out there that needs a lawyer, John’s law firm is the one to pick. The man John himself came to my house in Clarksville, Virginia to talk to me and my wife about my case. John was very professional, and so is the rest of his staff. There is not a time of day one of his staff would call my house and keep my wife and my self up to date with my case.

I am very satisfied with John and the Deaton Law Firm for all the help they have given me and are still giving me and my wife. I had tried several other law firms and they didn’t have the time to talk to us, so I had help finding John Deaton, thanks to my daughter. Thank you John and the Deaton Law Firm for your help.

Jim and Elene Cashman – Massachusetts

I have known John Deaton for several years and I can tell you this he is a good man. There are only three lawyers I have met in my life that I truly trust; John is one of them. I am grateful to John and the Deaton Law Firm staff for looking out for me after my husband Jim passed away. They are absolutely the kind of people you need fighting on your side.

Dennis and Anita Colbus – Michigan

My husband Dennis trusted you from the very first meeting he had with you. Our case was handled with such compassion and caring. This was a very difficult time in our lives, but thanks to you, John, and your staff, and all of the hard work and effort you devoted to our case, you made it a lot easier for Dennis and I. We were very happy with the settlements you fought for. Dennis passed away on January 30, 2008. But I know he would agree with me that we would highly recommend the Deaton Law Firm. Thank you again.

Frederick and Elizabeth St. Ana – North Carolina

The Deaton Law Firm came into mine and my husband’s life shortly after he was told that he had mesothelioma and they have been a Godsend for us. We owe so much to the Deaton Law Firm for the way they went to work for me and my husband after he was told that he had mesothelioma. We can never thank them enough.

George and Helen Faris – Massachusets

My husband had taken very sick in 2003. I had taken him to the hospital to be checked. He was in a few days when they started to run some tests. After the tests were finished a doctor came to see us and told him he had mesothelioma. That’s when John Deaton came into our lives. He came to our home, introduced himself, and said he was there to help us. Whenever my husband needed to talk to John he was there for him. He had to go to Boston for surgery and John would call the house and ask how he was doing. He went to Boston to visit him. Unfortunately, the love of my life passed away two years later. If ever I have a problem John will always be there fore me. Thanks, John, for all the help you have given me.

James and Martha Mason – Virginia

The Deaton Law Firm has done a wonderful job representing me and my family. I never imagined we would get the settlements we did. Of course James didn’t live to see just what John did for us, but he had complete faith in him from the very start. I think John is a dedicated and caring person where his clients are concerned. I will always be thankful and very grateful for all he did for us.

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