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Overview Of The Deaton Law Firm

Attorney Deaton does not come from money or privilege. He was raised by a single mother of six children in a blue-collar family from Detroit, Michigan. To say that they grappled with making ends meet would be an understatement. Those day to day financial struggles shaped Attorney Deaton’s work ethic and dedication essential to helping families and working class Americans.

Attorney Deaton first became interested in asbestos law as a teenager. A family member was diagnosed with an asbestos-related cancer and joined an aggregate lawsuit, which represented thousands of asbestos victims by a large plaintiffs’ firm. After a decade of litigation, endless paper work, and unmet expectations, he eventually received less than $3000 in compensation. Attorney Deaton has never forgotten the look on his family member’s face when he realized that he would pass away and the lawsuit that he had counted on to help provide for his family would not even cover his funeral expenses.

Attorney Deaton’s motivation and willingness to fight became even more determined after spending seven years on active duty as an officer in the United States Marine Corp. It was during these formative years that Attorney Deaton developed his “never retreat attitude” within the framework of a courtroom.

He then left the Marines and turned his attention to representing victims of asbestos against the unlimited resources of multi billion dollar corporations. An asbestos victim must have an attorney who is willing to neutralize such resources with an unyielding dedication and an inherent desire to fight for the rights of individuals. Many law firms claim to have the fortitude required, but it is a person’s life experiences that truly determine whether or not their advocate has what it takes.

Attorney Deaton realizes each and every day that he and his law firm are ultimately compensated by successfully representing victims of asbestos. The representation of these victims is not business; it is personal. Attorney Deaton has often been criticized by defense attorneys of asbestos companies, claiming that he takes his cases “too personally.” But his response is always the same:”the day it is no longer personal to me is the day I stop representing these families.”

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If you have any type of asbestos-related disease or if a loved one died of an asbestos-linked illness, our lawyers can help you receive the financial compensation you deserve for the damages you have suffered. Please contact us today to arrange a free consultation and case evaluation.

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