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State Caps On Product Liability Lawsuits

State legislative efforts to impose a cap on damages in product liability lawsuits are increasing. Asbestos victims must have an attorney who knows which states to avoid in filing a lawsuit. Because asbestos exposure often happens at multiple times during a person’s lifetime and career and also occurred in several different locations, it is often possible to bring a lawsuit in several different jurisdictions.

The Deaton Law Firm, although much smaller than the national firms, represents clients from across the United States. We have the ability through our co-counsel network to file cases in these different jurisdictions. We accomplish this strategic advantage without increasing the attorneys fees associated with the legal representation. Many of the large national law firms file hundreds of cases in the jurisdiction in which the law firm already has a large volume of cases pending, without a detailed thought process of where the case should be filed in order to get the best results on an individual basis. It is these types of strategic and very significant decisions that must be made after careful investigation and review. Unlike these large firms, the Deaton Law Firms includes the clients in this decision-making process; our clients remain informed from the beginning to the end of their representation.

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